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How your fields can benefit from Westfert

There are few things in life more satisfying that seeing the fruits of your labour. Every cycle is marked by a unique experience: Rich, dark soil turned by a plough before planting season; the smell of rain on tilled lands; the joy of the first vibrant green leaves breaking through the surface; the spectacle of lush, strong crops; the satisfaction of tired muscles during harvesting; and the fulfilment of harvest festivities with loved ones. To live close to the earth is to be aware of how precious life is and how much effort and careful planning are required to cherish and protect life.

Westfert works with you to add life. We develop our fertiliser solutions with the same care that you afford your harvest. Westfert fertiliser is mixed for the specific requirements of each farmer. Every aspect during every cycle is taken into account when the chemical formula for a client is developed. Our goal is to ensure our clients of the best possible growth while simultaneously looking after natural resources with the respect it deserves.

More about Westfert

Adding life was brothers Chris and Pieter Burger’s goal since the establishment of the original Vetrivier Boeredienste in the Hoopstad district in the Free State. After completing their studies at the Potchefstroom Agricultural College the brothers set out realising their dream of helping farmers with products required to achieve success.

Following the tragic loss of his brother in 1999, Pieter kept his brother’s memory alive by continuing to add life – also to the company. After identifying a need for prescription fertiliser mixtures, Pieter began buying the raw elements required to prepare fertiliser according to each farmer’s unique soil needs. Today the company is known as Westfert, and there are more plans to add life to this remarkable agricultural service provider. Westfert’s new Hoopstad mixing plant will increase the company’s capacity and provide storage facilities to farmers. The plant will also create job opportunities, which will add life to the local community.

Westfert works with independent soil experts at SGS Nvirocrop as part of the preparation of products for each client’s unique requirements. To be alive also means to be able to adapt, and Westfert is proud of its capacity for innovation and the ability to provide new solutions for each challenge. Westfert is not a fertiliser supplier, but rather a problem-solver that takes calculated risks to unlock potential. Our focus is on what happens beneath the surface of the soil. The life that is added to the roots determines the success of the fruit, or in this case the abundance of the harvest.

As with its products, Westfert’s philosophy is also a unique mix of traditional values, a conservative approach of respect towards others and at the same time the latest technical developments in the fertiliser industry.


Meet the Team

Westfert’s committed and motivated team is focused on providing you with the advice, solutions and products you require to be prosperous and to establish a long-term business relationship based on respect, trust and integrity.